Jukkasjärvi.. the Sami village


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Jukkasjärvi is a small village 17 km away from Kiruna , Sweden. It is famous for the ICEHOTEL here, but there are lot much Jukkajärvi can offer you. The turistaion is Kiruna offers free pick up and drop to the village. We went there in a sunny morning of July . First we visited the ICEHOTEL that I have told you in the pre blog. Soon we went out to explore the village.

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The village has a sami camp where they serve authentic sami delicacies. We went to one of Sweden’s oldest wooden church .We had reindeer meat with lingon berry sauce and Rieska -the sami flat bread from torn river valley. Cured , smoked and dried are the traditional ways of preparing and processing the reindeer meat. We had Goike suovas , a perfect snack to bring extra energy during our hiking.I met Theresa here who is a sami guide and makes beautiful bracelets of silver and reindeer skin. She has become a friend since. 🙂

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We went through the forest and beside the river. I went to  the river where the water is shallow. We saw a wild rein deer licking water from the river. The village is located by the side of Torne river . The water is blue , the forest is green, the sky is smokeless , the air is pure. You will feel you are away from the world’s every problem and can embrace the nature, feel it and breath into you.This is the place , you really believe Santa comes in Christmas eve to gift the children all the toys , and chocolates and whatever they want ..This is the place I dream to live in a farmhouse ,  away from all world’s noise, polutions and problems..

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