Mysore ..The city of Palaces

Mysore or Mahishur is known as the “city of palace” . In fact Mysore palace is one of the most visited monuments in India even beating Qutub Minar in Delhi in 2006. The word Mysore is derived from the word “mahishur” or “Mahishasurana Ooru”, which means the town of Mahishasura in Kannada,the local language, by the name of demon Kind Mahishasura, a buffalo-headed demon. In response to the prayer by the Gods and Goddesses to save them from the demon, Goddess Parvathi, took birth as Chamundeshwari and killed the monster on top of the Chamundi hill near Mysore. Hence the hill and the city got the names Chamundi Hill and Mysore respectively. To honour the goddess , Mysore celebrates 10 daylong Dasara , a celebration of this victory of good over evil.

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The Kingdom of Mysore is believed to have been founded in 1399 and was ruled by the Wodeyar family. The 17th century saw a steady expansion of its territory and, the kingdom annexed large expanses of what is now southern Karnataka and parts of Tamil Nadu to become a powerful state in the southern Deacon.

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The kingdom reached the height of its military power and dominion in the latter half of the 18th century under ruler Haider Ali and his son Tipu Sultan. Following Tipu’s death in the fourth war of 1799, large parts of his kingdom were annexed by the British, which signalled the end of a period of Mysorean hegemony over southern Deccan. The British restored the Wodeyars to their throne and the diminished Mysore was transformed into a Princely state .The Wodeyars continued to rule the state until Indian independence in 1947 when Mysore acceded to the Union of India.

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Mysore is a major tourist destination and a base for other tourist attractions in the vicinity. The Mysore palace indeed the center of attraction . The Jaganmohana Palace, The Sand Sculpture Museum the Jayalakshmi Vilas and the Lalitha Mahal are other palaces in the city. Chamundeshwari Temple, atop the Chamundi Hills is regarded as the sacred place for Devi worship.Mysore has got many Museums as well. You must not miss the Regional Museum of Natural History , The Folk lore Museum, the Railway museum and the oriental research center. If you are a fitness freak , Mysore has to offer yoga-related health tourism. Mysore has beautiful gardens like Brindavon Garden in close vicinity of the city.

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You can reach Mysore from AC or NonAC coaches starting from Bangalore. For Bangalore International Airport , you have to take a taxi or Bus to Majestic Bus station. Volvo buses are available from Majestic which will reach Mysore in 3 hours. From Mysore you can to travel to the nearby Hill staion Ooty , forests of Bandipur or Talakad. Buses are available ,as well as car services are there. Individual car booking till Ooty used to cost around 50 Euro in July 2013. Or you can stay in Mysore for one night , to be amazed with the lights in the Palace and the music shows and fountain lights in the gardens. There are many hotels in walking distance from the Palace. We stayed in Hotel Paradise , has got nice wide airy rooms with wifi , 24 hour restaurant and car service facilities. It was a nice stay ,staffs are friendly and cooperative and probably I am going to stay in the same hotel if I am visiting Mysore again. It cost 50 euro plus taxes per night for a couple for a double bed room in August 2013.

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I would recommend you Girls, must go for shopping ‘Sarees”- the special Mysore Silk. You can take home some Hand-made wooden arts or special Sandal wood powder for Herbal (Ayurvedic) face packs, special organic soaps and oils for Asian spa.


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