Lanscapes of Lucerne …

You want a story-book picture of a swiss town!!.. Ohh , you got to be in Lucerne. Located in the shore of Lake Lucerne , the city is picture perfect with cobblestone streets , covered bridges ,frescoed churches, magestically gliding swans . And snowcapped Mount Pilatus & Rigi forms the southgate of the city , you can see them from the shore of the lake . 1025574_713347658698796_2070951477_o 1074320_713326808700881_418121556_o  1167328_713232835376945_1378991525_o   1025276_713350095365219_1301539628_o

Historians thought the name of Lucerne was derived from Luciaria, meaning ‘weir basket’, so it started as a fishermen’s village. Later they chose a more shiny option “ Lucerna ‘ meaning oil lamp. 1602021_713256088707953_2028999493_o  1614337_713365035363725_1612322377_o 1553213_713364892030406_1076086054_o

1040738_713363362030559_1908504686_o The Kapellbruke or the famous chapel bridge , the gorgeous covered footbridge over the river Reuss with 17th century paintings on its ceiling was fisrt mentioned in the history in 1168. The then Lucerne was a small local market place ,until St Gotthard route is opened in the 13th Century. It remains the oldest covered bridge of Europe. A priest was appointed to take care of the Chapel ,hence the bridge got the name. Lucerne is the only major city in Switzerland to reject churchreformation in the early 16th century.

1048461_713361682030727_11637470_o 1601958_713363475363881_2117970755_o 1557252_713362358697326_2132323989_o Now head toward the Löwenplatz where a sandstone relief of a dying Lion impaled by a spear is built to pay homage to the 760 Swiss soldiers who died defending King Lois XVI during French revolution. They say to toss a coin over your shoulder into the pond which is supposed to bring good luck . 1658629_713357455364483_513829966_o



You must not miss the old swiss house near the Lion monument.Traditional fare like veal in cream sauce served over grated and fried potatos served here. Bon appetite!



Lucerne is a place for music lovers. 90 music groups from here and the municipalities of greater lucerne have come together to form the biggest carnival brand in Central Switzerland “ United Guugemusig Lucerne”. Lucerne Festival starts under the name of International Festival of Music in 1938 and remained a major late summer attraction since. The Kultur und Kongress Zentrum , the postmodern performing arts center is known for state-of the-art acoustics ,having one of the best place in the the world.


Well, you would like to take some souvenirs home. The swiss watches, chocolates or cowbells , everything is available in most of the stores in the stores surrounding the street along the lake. For drinks you can go to Rathaus Bräuerei . However,I cannot say Switzerland is a wounderful place to shop. They will accept your Euros and return the money in Swiss franc and you will be at loss of exchange rate. And things are usually over-expensive.


In he evening we mostly spent our time by the shore of the lake. It was Christmas time , so the bridge was decorated by lights. The long neck swans were swirling in the water reminding me the story of ugly duckling. We took a Luecerne day card, so we took different buses and trams and roam around the city aimlessly enjoying the beauty of the town. However , you do not need to buy that as most of the visuals are in walking distance from the station.




Whenever you think of a swiss holiday, its got to be expensive. So Lucerne will bring you a sigh of relief . It is well connected to almost any destination in Europe through rail-route and far less expensive than Zurich or Geneva, still can offer you picturesque landscape , music, foods , sports and shopping. If you are travelling with a low budget like me 😉 , I will definitely suggest you to visit Lucerene , pal !




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