Zurich , Switzerland.

For travellers worldwide , Switzerland is a dream destination, and Zurich is the heart of Switzerland. I cannot say it is the best place I have seen,though undoubtedly the natural beauty is breathtaking. Still , if given a chance to go there again, I may not consider. So I am not gonna write a lot about it. Rather I will share some of my pictures. I went to Zurich by a carpool. It is an awesome way to roam around Europe , as it is pocket friendly 😛 . So we started from Wurzburg at 5 am with Oliver who was going to Zurich to drop his girlfriend. We had a nice journey . It was during christmas 2013, there was a snowfall. We reached Zurich @ 8.30 in the morning and went to our friend Ashwain, who was studying in Zurich University. During Christmas , all of his apartment mates were gone, and we filled up their place 🙂 . We left the luggages there and went for Zurich Card. Like many cities in Europe , Zurich has one day or three day card, with unlimited ride in public transports and also includes discount in Zoo ticket, uetliberg to and fro train ticket and free entry to few museums. First we took tram to Limmat river and saw the Lindlt chocolate factory and Conelli the circus. Then we went to the Church and famous green watch over the bridge. Then we took another tram to the zoo, specially to see the Penguins. I was surprised to see in the zoo it was written in Hindi ” sher ka rakhksa kare,” meaning ‘protect the tiger’. In the evening we went to the Zurich Opera and sat for long beside the Limmat river.1014570_706612406038988_1613282022_o 1015453_706623166037912_1152189999_o

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Next day morning we went to uetliberg and came back to the central station and took a train to Luzern. We came back in the evening and thought of cooking some food for our host. Unfortunately , it was sunday and all stores were closed. We had roasted chicken in a local shop and went for window shopping through the shopping street. While coming back, we found a small store ran by an Afganistani man , who was delighted to know we are from his mother continent :). I told u..meeting a person from your neighbour country in Europe is like feeling home .So, he suggested some special sauce and spaghetti. On the way we stepped down from the tram two station s before our actual destination and walked in the dark for some time as we thought we have almost there. But alas !!!  Again had to search a tram station and when we actually reached , were no longer in a position to cook. Our poor host had to make spaghetti sauce for us and we had dinner . Next day , we took a SBB train back to Wurzburg. Tips: Try to avail car pool. Carppoling.uk is a good and reliable site. SBB Train is expensive if you are travelling to another country. But within Switzerland , you have to avail them to go to places far and around Zurich like Lucerne , Bern and Interleken.

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1559374_706589332707962_1393515251_o  IMG_1653

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