Biriyani …an Indian delight

I am a foodie. I love to eat and so I love to cook ;).

I am fond of wide range of foods, specially within country we have so many ethnic variety. What northern people eat , is completely different from the food in east , west or south. But now the young generation have combined all of them , and go for what their tongue told them , rather than their mom. 😛 .. And Biriyiani is one of such food , originated from Mughal Emperor’s Kitchen and loved by all.  In fact its craze has gone beyond the border . I got to see that this summer. I was flying with Emirates to Sweden and I had a nice company . She was  from Sydney, and both of us were flying business class for the first time. So we had quite an experience! During lunch , cabin crew offered us three alternative main courses, one of which was Seafood Biriyani. Naturally, Katarina ,my co passenger asked me how would  be that, n I recommended her to go for it. She was so happy after having that biriyani, that I again came to know ‘the Biriyani magic’

Anyway, I used to love it for long, but did not know how to make it. In 2013 Chistmas, my fiancé taught me the recipe of  biriyani , which I am gonna share with you now.  1500785_707489152617980_448989582_o 220707_209069382459962_4811755_o


It is a kind of full meal and heavily spicy. I take Fine ‘BANSMATI rice, and first wash it properly. Then I put two spoonful of oil to 500 gm of that rice , and pinch of salt and make sure it is evenly distributed. The amount of salt is according to your taste . THE rice is half boiled upto they are just begin to be cooked , but still remain hard. I take another container  for chicken ( or any meat according to what biriyani u wanna make), and for 500 gram rice I would take 400 gram chicken , making medium pieces and marinating it with Curd, turmeric powder pinch ful, salt accordingly, finely chopped onion ,few cloves, few pieces of cardamom and cinnamon, leaves of Mace , few saffron fibre, ginger garlic paste, red chili powder , few Indian bay leaves  and ” Garam masala” powder which is available in the market. Even if you exclude that, it does not matter. After the rice is half cooked , I put another container in the oven, and putting the whole marinated chicken in it , and start cooking it in very low heat. Then I cover the whole chicken with the half cooked rice entirely, cover the container and cook them in medium heat. I fry some finely chopped onion , and keep aside. Once the rice become fully cooked the chicken underneath will be cooked by the heat of the rice. I have to stir the whole thing in between to ensure the chicken is getting heat and in the process the rice is mixed with the marinating spices . Once the meat gets well cooked, I put the fried onion on the top of rice and serve it with chicken Kebabs . I will share the recipe of kebab another day. Now try it and let me know how it worked. 🙂

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