A hungry traveler, the city by monks and the tale of tokyo !!!

When in rome, act like a Roman ! Well ….. it really does not work for me always. I love travelling like anyone else in earth, and whenever I can, I head  to odd roads. But U know, we students always have to think of the money, and of course I start planning  my next trip while returning from one. So the motto is good places and great foods at cheap prices 😉

In 2013, new year eve, I was in Wurzburg ,and we were thinking of a good place to spend the next day, which fits our pocket well. We tried booking a car for Prague and were delighted  to find that another couple is going there to spend the first day of the year. But we had to drop the plan, as we found no way to come back at night to Germany, next day I had my flight to India. So, we decided to go to Munchen, the city by monks. Indeed, Bavaria is the best part of Germany , Munich is the heart of bavaria.The city’s name derives from the monks of the Benedictine order who founded the city; hence the monk depicted on the city’s coat of arms.When Bavaria was reunited in 1506, Munich became its capital. After US occupation in 1945, Munich was completely rebuilt following a meticulous and  rather conservative plan which preserved its pre-war street grid.Indeed it is a city which gave birth to seven nobel laureates, and once Einstein lived here. My friend is a inquisitive student of Physics  and I am kinda admirer of both these personalities. So the idea of visiting Munchen  seemed appealing to both of us.

Our friends had already told us about the group traveler tickets and the Bayern tickets.. We went to the hauptbahnhof . An old man was sitting in the help desk, he started asking our destination. I asked for  two tickets for Munich, obviously  the Bavaria day/night tickets, so he started looking for trains. We anxiously asked how much it will be, he said 29 Euro for two. So I calculated and took out 58 Euros from my purse for return journey, and told him to book the return ticket as well. After issuing the ticket , he said 29Euro, I surprisingly asked,but we need the return as well!

“Well , it’s 29 Euro” …… I was so happy. As they say”Rail one day with the Bavaria-Ticket through Bavaria with up to 4 accompanying persons on all local trains! Enjoy the vineyards in the north or the Alps in the south. Bavaria has a lot to offer! Come and convince yourself!”   It seemed fascinating to me… We hurried back to room, and packed.I got loads of wishes as the clock ticked 00.00 … I threw myself to bed to have a little sleep.

With the shrill alarm, I woke up and got ready. We stepped out our rooms , luckily it was not snowing. We went to the bus stop , and waited , but no bus came . Suddenly we realised , it is new year and all the schedules for buses and tram had changed . 😛  We ran , we walked, I scolded my friend , I shouted “we r gonna miss it”. My friend knew it, but was not ready to admit, we ran, we saw the  dark streets , filled with broken beer bottles, remnant of fire works. They had a real good celebration, I thought. At last , we reached, I heard the whistle of the train, and as I was up in the platform, I saw the last coach was fading in the fog.. I sat in the bench and started crying and blaming . I told, my year gonna be a mess, as the first hour starts with failing to catch the train. My friend was upset as well, but still managed to go to the railway ticket counter and back with a ticket. “Well, we have a train in half an hour”.. ….

The train compartment was hell dirty… left over foods, empty or half filled beer bottles,

newspapers ,.. Some one came and cleaned  a little. Our journey to munich started. We had to change the train in Nuremburg. We reached  Munich at about 11 am. The station is big, and scattered. No free user guides or Map is available unlike other stations in Germany.  We didn’t really wanna buy a book to read the map … so we clicked the map shown in the wall of the station,but that did not help. We knew we have to go Marienplatz,  the centre of the city. So we bought a day card for two which allows you unlimited travel in public vehicles throughout the city . We started seeing and capturing the city. The famous city gate and the sushi bar opposite to it! Every building seemed to have unique architecture. The city is an inspiring mix of historic buildings and impressive architecture, since Munich reconstructed the ruins of their historic buildings but also created new landmarks of architecture. A survey, conducted by the Society’s Center for Sustainable Destinations for the national geographic traveler, chose over 100 historic places around the world and ranked Munich as the 30th best destination. We walked to the Marienplatz  and soon realised we wasted 14 Euro for the day card because most places are nearby .  Soon we saw the Rathaus-the city town hall, and I bet I can visit Munich only to see this building.The Patereskirche  close to Marienplatz is the oldest church of the inner city. It  was the focus of the early monastic settlement in Munich.The  Frauenkirche is the most famous building in the city centre and serves as the cathedral. The nearby Michaekskirche is the largest  renaissance church north of the Alps. We walked to the The Viktulienmarket , Munich’s most popular market for fresh food and delicatessen. A very old feature of Munich’s Fasching (carnival) is the dance of the Marktfrauen (market women) of the Viktualienmarkt in comical costumes.

My stomach started remind me it is almost 2. I knew the weiBwurst – the white sausageLeberknödel Soup and the Weizenbier – wheat beer  gonna  to be my lunch , it would be accompanied by Münchner Wurstsalat, Munich’s famous sausage salad with thinly sliced Knackwurst marinated in vinegar and oil with onions on a bed of lettuce and  I would like to finish with apfelstrudel, a popular desert in Munchen. My friend who happened to be a titotolar strongly opposed the idea of Weizenbier .. But the real blow came with the price lists… it seemed I have to spend per head 30 Euro at least to satisfy my food quest .

We saw a small restaurant with few people waiting outside,we walked there. It is a Japanese restaurant named Tokyo and happy people were sitting inside. I felt delighted to see the menu, “aaah it is perfect for my pocket”. Only 6.9 Euros, beside a picture which seemed quite a meal to us. We had no idea what they are serving and we ordered chicken hunan” seeing the name of chicken. It came out delicious. It is a combo of specially prepared rice, chicken with bamboo shoots and a salad with fresh tomatoes in a bed of lettuce. We ordered another and also some noodles. We typically ate with two wooden sticks  and I felt no low for not being “Roman” … Instead go beer, we had pepsi, but I didn’t complain. Only thing we did not like is that the staffs are not well mannered, rather rude if I be truthful. But I was determined not to ruin my new year for some petty reason. As we were full, we used the day card now. We roamed throughout the city in trams and buses and went to the  Deutsches Museum, located on an island in the River Isar, and is the largest and one of the oldest science museums in the world. Then we saw many churches.. and I was surprised to see the clocks hanging on them, all different and beautiful. At around 6.30 pm, we said goodbye to Munchen

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