Wonderland Würzburg …

 Oh! I just find bavaria intoxicatingly beautiful. This time I hovered in northern bavaria, in the city of knowledge, Wurzburg, one of five residents is a college student here. I landed in Frankfurt airport on the Christmas day. I had a pre booking in ICE train to Wurzburg, but I was new to the country , and travelling alone to my friend in Wurzburg. So, I was a bit scared. Frankfurt International airport has the advantage of  having the regional and distant rail services connected  to the airport. The way to the station from the departure is guided by neon signs and directions. It is a huge airport and  studded with outlets of renowned brands as well as food bars.

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Most of the shop were closed due to the Christmas. In spite of the directions well displayed , I asked every possible person crossing me about how to get out and reach the rail station. I found my way through the long passages , and reached to the information centre of DB BAHN. I showed my ticket and they suggested me the next trains. The direct train was at 15.35, I had almost one hour in hands. I tried using Wifi, clearly the service was awful.

DSC02063 DSC01991

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1526186_10151772696221787_1280207139_n DSC02750

‘Are you getting the net” , I looked up. A guy  was looking at me impatiently. He was well above medium height, with brown complexion  and black hair, which meant he was probably from the same continent as of mine. Still I felt suspicious, and  reluctantly answered ” nope”. He sat nearby and  sank in his iPhone. I got up and again went to ask the guy in the information centre whether he has informed me about correctt train or not. He rightfully seemed  little  disgusted, but answered all my quarries over and again. I came back to my seat. The guy was there and he started,” I am Abu Bakr  from Pakistan, I study energy engineering here. You are from which place? I told him I am from India with wary in my voice. After few minutes , he told me” I am going elsewhere , to get better net connection”. I nodded.

Half an hour was left. My friend told me to call as I reached. I went to a calling booth nearby and started pressing the numbers. The machine said some words in Deutsch , which seemed alien to me and the connection went off. I was puzzled . The guy from Pakistan emerged like a Godsend. I asked him, pointing to the calling booth ” I can make calls within Germany from this , right?” He replied” yup, but as you are calling within the country , why don’t you call from mine” . After few seconds hesitation, I gave him the number,”it’s ringing” . He handed over the phone. I heard the voice of my friend  , what a relief . I told him about my train and be in the station before time. I hung up and thanked him. I wondered , India and Pakistan don’t share a sweet political and historical relationship. But probably the common people are always different from politicians. Specially when they are in a different country, they feel a surprising closeness  with the people even from the neighbouring country. I had same experience in Zurich when some shopkeeper asked me,” Ohh you are from India? I am from Afganistan.”  That feels amazing. That feels home.

We said goodbye to one another and  left for our respective platforms. The station was three storied and my platform was at ground. I took a lift and went down. Chilled air hit my cheek, my fingers felt numb. The whole platform was empty. I took out my cap and gloves to cover me up. Few more passengers came down. I was in the train on time and managed to find a seat. Beside me sat an old lady, kind and cute, worried for me as I was travelling alone. I was afraid I will miss my station , so barely enjoying the view outside. Fifteen minute to reach, I stood up, took my backpack and trolly bag and walked towards the door. I waited beside the door and then …… it reached Wurzburg.

DSC02020 IMG_0836

IMG_0787 IMG_0866

IMG_0846 IMG_0912

IMG_0969 IMG_0905

IMG_1003 IMG_1083

I jumped off the train, eagerly looking . My friend came from behind and we instantly hugged without any word.

After the initial rush went off, we stepped out the station. 25th December night, so only few people were around. The main bus stand is just adjacent to the Hauptbanhaff , it was dark and no bus as well as no man were there. We waited for the bus chatting a little.It came and we moved on. We went through the city which was mostly dark and closed.  A few house showed glimpse of Christmas trees studded with lights. We reached the hostel and I was hell tired. I was travelling for 20 hours. I was reluctant to go for a bath even. I grabbed myself miserably to the bath, then had dinner with biriyani: an Indian delight and threw myself to the bed. Next day I went to see the city. I roamed around the whole city by foot , and by bus. The main attraction  is the Marienberg fortress here, but I feel to a true tourist , there is nothing called main attraction ! Many little thing will catch your eyes .

IMG_1040 IMG_2459

A Bronze Age refuge castle stood on the site of the present Fortress Marienberg…1239178_718435778189984_1354480430_o IMG_1076





IMG_1123 IMG_2519

The Marienberg Fortress is the castle on a hill across the Old Main Bridge, overlooking the whole town area as well as the surrounding hills. Würzburg’s Old Main Bridge (Alte Mainbrücke) was built 1473–1543 to replace the destroyed Romanesque bridge that had dated from 1133. There is a pub just at the beginning of the bridge , serving you awesome wines . Wurzbrug  have miles of vineyards , and  you must try Rüdesheimer Kaffee  and Christmas market special Gluhwein . From above the fortress, the city view will amaze you. U must also visit the wurzburg Residenz, a world heritage site declared by UNESCO. The  interior is richly decorated with paintings, sculptures and stucco ornaments. The altars were painted by Tiepolo.The Wurzburg Cathedral Dom an the museum would take you back to the history and the amazing sculptures would make u speechless. TheJulius-Maximilians university is one of the oldest University of the country as well as Europe, and even my friend was studying there, I did not have the time to visit there. Besides Wurzburg will offer you boat ride along the river main, wine testing in the vineyard and many festivals across the year.


I felt amazed being in this small city with so many beautiful aspects and you won’t believe after coming back I wished , I would buy a small farm there after retirement and grow my own vineyard.. Ok ..I know it’s absurd !! But still I have the dream  😛

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