Abisko national park: Lapmania

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Abisko to Nikkaluokta is the most preferred hiking trail for the tourists visiting Northern scandinavia, and correctly known as Kungsleden or The king’s trail. The mountains and the lakes and forests of lapland are truly treat for eyes . I explored them in Summer , the mountain valleys are green , with alpine blue sow thistle and angelica

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The roads are carpeted by moss and unknown flora . The day light is essentially remain for 24 hours , and the weather is less harsh. U can go for a ‘BIG YEAR’ as 400 bird spices have been sighted in Abisko, Lapland.

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The swedish fauna is difficult to look for unless you stay in the abisko turistaion for some days. I had to run to Narvik on the same day , so I was not lucky enough to have a glimpse of them. The most common  flora is Cicerbita alpine with blue violet floret ,  covering many parts of the mountain as pink carpet. You can meet the Sami people and their reindeer in the mountains, and get to know their thousand year old culture .

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The abiskojaure lake is so blue ,I have never seen such a thing in my life. If you are a true hiker, you want to go to Tjakta Pass , highest point along kungsleden, or spend a day in Salka huts. I did nit have time for that, hope I will get another chance to go there. U can reach  Kiruna from Stockholm , Sweden by air or by train. The flights are of Scandinavian Airways, SAS and they will bring you to Kiruna in 1.5 hours. But in my experience , my luggage was mishandled, so may be I will advice you to be careful with them. You can take a train from Stockholm to kiruna, it will take almost 17 hours and sometimes  it gets delayed. From kiruna  the same train will go to abisko turistation, you get down there and go to the tourist station.It has both dorm and single room, a bit overpriced to some of us , who are students.


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After some good food and nice sauna, u start roaming around.  In abisko, we had followed the long trail and went trekking till bird sanctuary. Then we jumped into the abisko river ,got wet head to foot and, took rest in the bank and hurried back to station. We saw some bird species on our way only. But I would suggest to stay there for at least one night so that you can enjoy Europe’s Last Wilderness. Then you can follow the trails and go around to many points around abisko like Kvikkjokk, Saltouluokta, Ammarnas and so on…





But if you visit abisko in winter, it s gonna be entirely different, Then you will get snows, skis, and aurora which is an experience you can have nowhere else . the lakes will be iced , in cold the rein deer meat and beer and the awesome green light in the sky, 24 hours night..all are waiting for you. The Unesco has declared this area as world heritage site under the name of Laponia. But I have given one… LAPMANIA!!

Hopefully going there in next winter again. See you there. 🙂

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