Who am I..

Hi, this is my new blog. it is not that I was planning for writing something or I want to teach or show the world  something !! but it just came to me .. what if I can just share the small things around me , always happening. after travelling around the world, watching world classic movies and reading the authors all over…one thing I always realise , the common people world over are so alike.,…how much different their clothes are, languages and religions are …inside there is a common tune 🙂 I thought of writing about that common tune. There is nothing great going in my life… it is very simple ,, very common,,, but I just want to write about them.

Like how would you feel in a rainy sunday evening , sitting alone away from your beloved and listening to music..

Like how great is to find an old friend while walking down the street …

Like how funny to see your own old pictures ….

I am not a writer. But hell… I am a dreamer !!! I am a singer… a painter,,,, a cook… a foodie… a friend… a shopaholic ..a traveler ….. That’s who I am.

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